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Robert Arp, PhD

Articles / Writings (Alphabetized by Title)

A Humean Response to Scotus’s Concept of Infinite Being

           Ideas y Valores (1999) 110: 3-19

An Analysis of Freedom in the Political Doctrines of Suárez & Filmer

           Philosophical Inquiry (2004 26: 53-82

Awareness and Consciousness: Switched-On Rheostats

         Journal of Consciousness Studies (2007) 14: 101-106 (by invitation)

Checks and Balances: The Welcomed Tension between Philosophy and Science

         The Quarterly Review of Biology (2008) 83: 1-12

The Chewbacca Defense: A South Park Logic Lesson - Ch. 2: Logic & Fallacies

         Introducing Philosophy Via Pop Culture, ed. Irwin & Johnson (Wiley, 2010), 40-53

Creating a Controlled Vocabulary for the Ethics of Human Research: Towards a Biomedical Ethics Ontology (with David Koepsell, Jennifer Fostel, Barry Smith)

         The Journal of Empirical Research on Human Research Ethics (2009) 4: 43-58

The Double Life of Justice and Injustice in Thrasymachus’s Account

         Polis: The Journal of the Society for Greek Political Thought (2009) 16: 17-29

Environments of Our Hominin Ancestors, Tool Usage & Scenario Visualization

         Biology & Philosophy (2006) 21: 95-117

Evolution and Two Popular Proposals for the Definition of Function

         Journal for General Philosophy of Science (2006) 37: 2-12

The Evolution of Scenario Visualization and the Early Hominin Mind

         Origins of Mind, ed. Liz Stillwagon (Springer, 2013), 220-241

Finding Unapparent Connections: How Our Hominin Ancestors Evolved Creativity by Solving Practical Problems

             Neuroscience, Neurophilosophy and Pragmatism, ed. Tibor Solymosi & John Shook               (Palgrave, 2014), 135-146

Frege, As-If Platonism, and Pragmatism

         Journal of Critical Realism (2005) 4: 1-27

Freud’s Wretched Makeshift and Scheler’s Religious Act

         Journal of Philosophical Research (2000) 25: 405-429

Function, Role, and Disposition in Basic Formal Ontology (with Barry Smith)

         Nature Precedings (2008) 1941: 1

Hegel and the Prospect of Perpetual Peace

         Dialogos (2000) 34: 71-100

Homeostatic Organization, Emergence, and Reduction

         Philosophia Naturalis (2007) 44: 238-270

Hume’s Mitigated Skepticism and the Design Argument

         American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly (1998) 72: 539-558

Hume’s Morality, Reason, and Sentiment

         Journal of the Irenaeus Society (2000) 3: 1-13

Husserl, the Transcendental, and the Mundane

         Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology (2004) 35: 168-179

Husserlian Penetrability of the Transcendental and Mundane Spheres

         Human Studies (2004) 27: 221-239

If the Devil did not Exist, It May be Necessary to Invent Him in Certain Contexts

         Philosophical Approaches to the Devil, McCraw & Arp (Routledge, 2016), 180-200

Information in the Biological Sciences (with Alfredo Marcos)

         The Philosophy of Biology, ed. Kampourakis (Springer, 2013), 511-548

Life and the Homeostatic Organization View of Biological Phenomena

         Cosmos and History (2008) 4: 260-285

Objectification, Care Ethics, and the Case against Pornography

         Under Review

Ontologies Just May Save Your Savings Accounts, in

         Progress in Economics Research, Volume 16, ed. Tavidze (Nova, 2010), 115-129

Ontologies of Cellular Networks (with Barry Smith)

         Science Signaling (2008) 1: mr2

Ontology: Not Just for Philosopher’s Anymore

         Practical Philosophy (2010) 10: 81-103

Philosophical, Domain, and Formal Ontology

         The Reasoner (2008) 1: 12

Philosophical Ontology, Domain Ontology, Formal Ontology, in

         Key Terms in Logic, ed. Williamson & Russo (Continuum, 2010) 74-75

Plotinus, Mysticism, and Mediation

         Religious Studies (2004) 40: 145-163

The Pragmatic Value of Frege’s Platonism for the Pragmatist

         Journal of Speculative Philosophy (2005) 19: 22-41

The Quinque Viae of Thomas Hobbes

         History of Philosophy Quarterly (1999) 16: 367-394

Radiological and Biomedical Knowledge Integration: The Ontological Way

         Scholarship in Radiology Education, ed. Chhem et al. (Springer, 2009), 87-106

Realism and Antirealism in Informatics Ontologies

         The American Philosophical Association: Philosophy and Computers (2009) 9: 19-23

Resolving Conflicts in Evolutionary Psychology with Cognitive Fluidity

         Southwest Philosophy Review (2007) 35: 91-101

Re-thinking Hobbes’s Materialistic and Mechanistic Projects

         Hobbes Studies (2002) 15: 3-31

Selectivity, Integration, and the Psycho-Neuro-Biological Continuum

         Journal of Mind and Behavior (2005) 26: 35-64

Scenario Visualization: One Explanation of Creative Problem Solving

         Journal of Consciousness Studies (2005) 12: 31-60

Should Batman Kill the Joker? - Ch. 12: Argument

         The Norton Sampler, ed. Cooley. 8th ed. (Norton, 2013), 545-549

Should Batman Kill the Joker? - Ch. 13: Argument

         The Norton Sampler, ed. Cooley. 9th ed. (Norton, 2017), 481-485

Suárez and Filmer on Freedom

         Philosophical Frontiers, ed. Corrigan & Farrell (Continuum, 2009), 39-66

Suffering as Theodicy

         Cahiers Simone Weil (2000) 23: 413-433

Vindicating Kant’s Morality

        International Philosophical Quarterly (2007) 7: 5-22

Book Reviews (Editors asked me to write):

“Gry Oftedal, Jan Kyrre Berg O. Friis, Peter Rossel, and Michael Slott Norup (eds.), Evolutionary Theory: Five Questions,” Reports of the National Center for Science Education, (2012) 32, 6: 4.1-4.3.

“F. Ellen Netting, Mary Katherine O'Connor, and David P. Fauri, Comparative Approaches to Program Planning,” The American Journal of Psychology (2010) 123, 3: 369-371.

“Sahotra Sarkar and Anya Plutynski (eds.), A Companion to the Philosophy of Biology,” Science & Education (2010)

“Devin Stauffer, Plato’s Introduction to the Question of Justice,” Polis: Journal of the Society for Greek Political Thought (2002) 19: 67-72.

Reviewing/Refereeing For:

- Theoria- Bloomsbury Publishing

- Cambridge University Press

- Cengage Learning

- McGraw-Hill Publishers

- MIT Press

- Oxford University Press

- Prentice-Hall Publishers

- Routledge

- SAGE Publishers

- Wiley-Blackwell Publishers

- Entropy

- History of Philosophy Quarterly

- International Journal of Computer Engineering Research

- International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

- Iyun: Israel Journal of Philosophy

- Journal of Consciousness Studies

- Journal of the American Philosophical Association

- Journal of the History of Philosophy

- Philosophy & Technology

- Science and Education

- Social Semiotics

- Synthesis philosophica

- Theoria