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Robert Arp, PhD


Accomplishments and significant activities during this time included:

~ Dissertation contracted in 2004; published through MIT Press in 2008

~ Saint Louis University / Fontbonne College Faculty Fellowship (2001-2002)

  • Attended Faculty and Finance Meetings at Fontbonne
  • Assistant Professor of Psychology Search Committee at Fontbonne
  • Assisted with Philosophy Club at Fontbonne
  • Assisted with Philosophy Colloquium, Philosophy Conference at Fontbonn

~ Saint Louis University Dissertation Fellowship (2003-2004)

~ University 101 Professor (2001-2003)

~ Ethics Across the Curriculum Committee (1997-2000), one of the originals

~ Who's Who Among America's College & University Professors (2000)

~President of Philosophy Graduate Student Association (1998-1999)

  • Instituted Welcoming Committee, still in place to this day
  • Assisted with Quodlibetal (Latin for "whatever pleases") Lunches
  • Assisted with Graduate Philosophy Conferences for numerous years

~ Liturgical Percussionist (1996-2005), played for Pope John Paul II, 01/26/99

~ Adult Religious Educator for the Archdiocese of St. Louis (1996-1998)

~ Taught numerous Philosophy and Humanities courses at all levels (1996)

~ Taught online/hybrid Philosophy and Humanities courses, all levels (1999)

~ Schools taught at included:

Saint Louis University (Adjunct Professor, 1996-2005)

University of Missouri - St. Louis (Adjunct Professor, 1999-2005)

Fontbonne College (now University, Adjunct Professor, 1999-2005)

Harris-Stowe State College (Adjunct Professor, 1996-2005)

McKendree College (now University, Adjunct Professor, 1996-2005)

Jefferson College (Adjunct Professor, 1996-2000)

Maryville College (now University, Adjunct Professor, 2000; an emergency situation)

Lewis and Clark Community College (Adjunct Professor, 2000-2005)

Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville (Adjunct Professor, 2002; an emergency situation)

Forest Park Community College (Adjunct Professor, 1996-2005)

Florissant Valley Community College (Adjunct Professor, 1999-2005)

St. Charles Community College (Adjunct Professor, 1999-2005)

Webster University (Adjunct Professor, 1999-Present)

~ Taught Adult Religious Education MiniCourses for Archdiocese of St. Louis

Basic Elements of the New Catechism of the Catholic Church (fall 1996)

Theological and Philosophical Debates Behind the Nicene Creed (spring 1997)

The Doctrine of Transubstantiation and Opposing Views (summer 1997)

Source, Historical, Form, and Redaction Criticism in the Gospels (fall 1997)

Analogy and the Names of God (spring 1998)

The Rise of Fundamentalism in the USA (summer 1998)

St. Thomas Aquinas’ Proofs for God’s Existence (fall 1998)

BA Philosophy | The Catholic University of America | 1992

Accomplishments and significant activities during this time included:

~ Basselin Scholar (1990-1993), MA achieved in one year

~ Thesis: "Physics and Hedonism in Hobbes' Philosophy" Published as "Re-thinking Hobbes’s Materialistic and Mechanistic Projects" in Hobbes Studies (2002) 15: 3-31.

~ National Council of Catholic Bishops Religious Credential (1993)

~ Greek and Latin Tutor for Pre-Theologians at Theological College (1993)

~ Philosophy Representative to Undergraduate Student Council (1991-1992)

~ Who's Who Among Students in American Universities & Colleges (1989)

~ Editor of The Lion's Pen monthly periodical - prose/poems (1988-1989)

~ Liturgical Percussionist (1988-1993)